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February 19, 2009



Google Sucks.

Have you seen what they're saying on TechCrunch about invasion of privacy?


I've got a great scheme.

Why don't we buypaper, inbulk and then deliver it to people when they need it?

We could, like, make ten pence on every packet. If we delivered just 1000 packages in a day, we'd make £100!


Mp4 Players

Privacy has become an issue when with Google I thought in the internet safety lol this is also in real life I see.

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When is google street view UK going to put up the rest of the pictures?
We saw the google car near our house in Manchester last October, but on google street view, you can't see our house! They've only put up the pictures for some of Manchester.

When are they planning on filling in the gaps?

Links of London

Links of London was founded in 1990. The company resulted from a simple request for a pair of fish cufflinks - bizarre but true. A local restaurant owner commissioned the manufacture of a pair of sterling silver cufflinks, as a gift for their loyal restaurant clients. The best achievements including Best Jewellery Brand of the Year 2007!


I wonder when they will update the photos on streetview?

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