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January 11, 2009


cheap international calls

It is quite hard to find service provider that delivers convenient and reasonably priced long-distance telephone calls with cutting edge in modern technologies. However, once you find the best one, you can not stop using the subscribed service.But you're right. Most of them offers great privilege but as soon as you use up the service you will then find out that you're spending dollars unreasonably. I once experienced that when trying to make foreign calls using my former provider. And hola! It's a total crap and too costly.But thanks to the net, I found my lifetime partner in international calling. It offers convenient service with a low cost.

cheap international calls

If these are the comments we read about Lebara. Then definitely their service sucks! Why do they offer such service if they cannot afford to provide their customers what they really need? They are really shrewd. Well, I don't give a damn with Lebara as I already acquired best service from my chosen network. I can make calls conveniently with cheap long-distance calling rate.

Bjorn R

Lebara. Is it really as bad as this?
UKMR reader *Lauren Kim*

I live in London SE1 and have full coverage in my apartment, and I do in general not having any problems connecting when outside.

Try force your phone to use GSM instead of 3G (and indeed don't use dual-mode). The 3G signal in London is not very good compared to other large cities in the world, but at GSM you will have a good and steady signal at most services.


Hi everyone.. I got totaly different kind a problems. am in uk ,o2 contract,galaxy s froyo update recently. shop guy said 02 contract user wont get probs.. didn't work first of all! don't know why.. took sim out. checked phone. then I find no internet accese. It says lost google account!? type my password to resets don't work at all. I had to factory setting... Can anyone explain??

conference call

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It is the dark, possibly not-too-legal side of Vodafone. This information is sadly, 100% true

cheap calls

Keep the great stuff coming... I love your site

Butch Erlenbaugh

Been a Lebara customer for a couple of years ... we have traveled to London (south and central) area nine times in the past four years ... and have Lebara ... works beautifully for us Yanks to call to the States without a hitch. And using MagicJack in the States to call the London number ... can't get any cheaper than that.

Don't purchase ANY SIMS in the US .. wait until you get to the UK ... tons of vending machines at LGW and LHR plus a lot of shops with many brands of SIMS ...

Since we travel to London two or three times a year, with a 5 GBP note and only 5p to call the States, whatever we don't use in those two-week holidays, we lose .. but no big deal, buy another SIMS upon return to the UK.

We are very happy with Lebara ... and we've done our homework on buying SIMS ... great value, low cost.


I got five minutes to Nepal for £ 5, big joke. Will stick to O2 in future!

claire persaud

i got a pay-as-you go lebara sim and although i can send txt messages 2 uk and greece, i can't receive any!i live in uk!so annoying!

Scott Stamp

I've been using Labara to make calls to the USA and have never had a problem. I have used it from Kent, London, Middx & Birmingham and never had a problem - I have never had to use their customer service but have never had a problem with reception !

man and van London

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Kahlan Mali

worst +++++ in australia as well.

Tony Kwan

I have a lebara card bought in France. Despite an offer which appears to offer a free 7.50 euro credit on application my visa was immediately debited 10 euro and this amount does not show on the online statement. Customer service is poor. Signal coverage is poor to average. I will not renew or top-up my card.

Cheap calls to South Africa

Sounds like mixed reviews to me. Cheers.


I have been with Lebara fir a long time I always get five bars outside but none when I'm indoors rarely I may get one bar it's very good I'd recommend it to people only downside is thatch does not support blackberry for Internet or mms.


I am having the same connection problems in Hampshire (Petersfield and Portsmouth). Limited service or no service despite finding a vodafone signal when manually searching for a network.
Here a quick fix: I removed the Lebara SIM card, inserted it again, turned on my mobile phone a there it was: the full Lebara signal but with a "G" (I guess this is GPS) icon next to the full bars. Strange world....


i have been a customer for 1 and half year
no problems of any king
we have 2 numbers i for me one for the wife
we call pakistan tenshen free

i recomand the to all pakistan users


I am using Lebara since a year and i found it convenient, cheap in comparison of contract phone and never had a problem with. It is maybe not the best but before i used Orange with a contract and it was much more expensive for the same quality of service.



I have a Lebara sim card which has worked fine for me for months. I use it to ring India. All of a sudden it won't allow me to make any calls. I can receive calls and text messages.

Does anybody know if something is wrong with Lebara?

I have definately not run out of credit. It will also not allow me to ring 5588 the top up number, which is free of charge.

Thanku in advance.


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