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January 30, 2009



I am a paid user and highly advise everybody to pay.
1. Have access to spotify on my Nokia and Itouch and my gf's htc as well. Only problem only one of us can be listening to spotify at the same time (we're in love... with spotify so we've had these arguments over the phone calling each other and saying "it's my f... turn, log out NOW" :-) Killer feature for me
2. Don't need to be online, I can synchronise the playlists I want up to something like 2000 songs.
3. Quality is 320kps, not CD like but good enough. This is another killer feature
4. Can listen to spotify anywhere in the world (great if you travel a lot)
5. No ads. To me, this is a minor inconvenience, so not on top of my list

Cheap calls to South Africa

I still prefer to buy my music - itunes is just too convenient :)

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