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January 13, 2009


E.A. Ennis

I ordered a childrens' magazine for my nephew as his Christmas gift for delivery in 2009. As if March 16, 2009 none have been delivered to his Canadian address. Today's attempt to contact Magazine City has been futile to say the least. I had no notion that I should have GOOGLED the site to check for complaints but see this would have been a good plan...who knew! OIt has been an expensive and herartbreaking lesson for both me and my nephew.

Be not use this site for your subsricption needs.

karim marouf

Yes, Magazine City is a scam. They took $200 from me and I never got my mags. I tried calling, emailing, etc. and never got an answer. Does this constitute mail fraud? Should Icontact the post office? Please email me at [email protected]

Clare Harding

It never occurred to me that it was a scam (OK I am naive!) But I ordered a magazine for $40 for my daughter's late Christmas present and she still hasn't had a single magazine. Thank goodness the other mags I ordered were from another company. What can we do about this?


I ordered a magazine a year ago and still have not recieved it. The first time I called the rep on the phone appologized and said the order never went through and offered me a free magazine as compensation. A few months later, I still didn't recieve it, and was told that I would be refunded by Aug 28th. I still have not recieved the refund and now I can't get through via phone, the online customer service isn't working and they are ignoring my emails! Errrr


I placed an order on Magazine City for Scientific American as a birthday gift for my dad... back in august. Still have not received a single issue. Emailed them twice, no response. Called them many times... on hold more than 10 min each time, still no response. Called Scientific American, found out that they have no record of my delivery address or any record whatsoever. Now that I'm aware of the numerous customer complaints, I'm shocked this company is still in operation.


MagazineCity has two faces - and Both are ripoffs/frauds.

I'm from Singapore and I ordered MEN magazine through the .net portal. The credit clearance was almost immediate, the delivery another story. After about 3 months of waiting for a magazine that never arrived. I tried to seek help through Nada. Every link went round in circles. Finally I wrote to MEN magazine's editor and received a response to the effect that no record of my subscription exists. I never heard from this editor again either.

The worst of it, on top of losing the US$65 I paid, is that coming from Singapore, I have no recourse for action.



1. Go to:
2. Lodge a detailed complaint - fill in all the required fields.
3. Sit back and wait.

I experienced the same as hundreds of people have written about on the net - 13 emails in 6 months. Constantly getting new rubbish excuses and 'passed on' to the right person. I wrote some polite emails, some angry, some threatening... nothing worked.

After I complained to the BBB I had my money back in 3 days.

Don't let these people win!! Complain to the Better Business Bureau!!

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