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December 30, 2006



Theft and re-selling will both be major problems. OLPC says it is working on eliminating the ability of either, but both will require the government to be clean and incorruptible. A tall order for many countries - rich and poor.


You've added the last paragraph to this post since my first comment.

There isn't a market for OLPC's on eBay right now because there are only a handful of OLPC's. That is to say there isn't a supply. The demand is there.

Once OLPC's are produced in large numbers, there will be a market on eBay - maybe not functional OLPC's, maybe not authorized by OLPC, but I do believe the demand (ie: price) will cause a number (unknown how many) to be re-sold outside the intended recipients - students.

OLPC is doing its best to reduce the number of grey/black market laptops, one way is by selling them at a mark-up. Good luck to them. I think that will only provide more incentive to be resold from cheaper to richer environments.


AMD wireless chips... Great. Do they have these in blue?


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