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December 20, 2006


Clancy Hood

Hi guys, relating to my above post, I got the money back within the week, PLEASE DO use the legal letter above which I sent to Ms Heath, cos it scared them enough and it works.

Cheers, good luck all

R. Collins

AMEX have just phoned me to tell me that apart from several other frauds on my account, £11.95 has been going through monthly for over 12 months!! I think they are treating it as fraud. I realise I will have to check my statements more thoroughly in future!

E. Larsson

I've just realised that money has been taken from my credit card account .Barclays was not helpful adviced to contact the company and cancel the subsription , they coudl not do anything about it!
I phoned Vista print rewards and cancelled this so called " membership " pointing out I have never completed a survey or agreed to this subscription. I asked for my money back, the operator said it is not possible.
What a scam!


This is still happening , My son bought some business cards from vistaprint back in Dec 07, being a tipicle 17 year old he did not check his bank statments until his mum opened it by mistake. He has had 2 lots of payments going out, each month one for £9.95 and one for shopperdiscounts £8.00 he has also had 1 for I rang vistaprint last night which was a farse they would only refund 3 payments not 7. my son now has an appointment with the bank on monday to take this matter futher.


This scam is still going on. I have had three debits on my credit card account (and a mysterious credit)over the past month. I phoned the vistaprint uk 0800 number and got to speak with someone who judging by their accent was in their Jamaica call centre. She agreed to cancel the 'agreement' and refund all payments. I am looking very carefully at my statements now.


in answer to above comments re vp rewards. apparently when you tick you agree to vista prints terms and conditions it is hidden in there very sneaky. but if you phone0845 0261100 and press 2 to enter the card being billed and then 1 to unsubscribe they do cancel your debit. good luck


I too have been caught by this scam. I also contacted one of the Stores listed on the Vprewards site and they said that the knew nothing about Vprewards but would look into it! It seems Vista Print cannot make a living from the free or low cost printing and have to resort to this sort of scam.


hi its happened 2 me 2 i had take £9.95 from bank last wk 22/4/08 n i was using vista print 4 stuff. so its still happening. i rung my bank n they was no help n said cancel my card n i have to phone vista 4 refund. so gonna do it now but any other advice would be greatfully excepted. i will give details 2 watchdog if needed or anything 2 stop this happenin 2 other people.


I live in the US and the same thing happened to me. This is a rip off company and I never plan to do business with them again. Please check your statements and stay as far away from this company as possible!!!!!!

Emilie Howell

This has happened to me also, but i have no contact details for vistaprint, please may someone let me know how i can complain and get them to stop charging me. Thankyou


shopperdiscounts are using the same scam via the easyjet site. 'claim your £10 cashback' when you go into the site to 'claim' you are therefore sucked into the scam, they obviously obtain your card details from the site.


This happened to me as well. I payed for about 5 months until I realized this was happening. I did not sign up for anything as well. I can't understand how can a scam like this go on!! They must have made millions so far by actually stealing from people!!!!
I complained with them and got a full refund but still I will never again do business with vistaprint which is a shame as they have great prices and a quality service.


These Fukin dicks! are scamming people big time! They tried to rip me off too. The best thing to do is, read carefully:


Well.. have just got off phone to cc company questioning regular payments to CLUBPREM.COM. Thought i would look into this and typed it in google and here i am..

Unbelievable that they get away with this, such a shame as was happy with my products from vistaprint ordered in January of which then payments started to this company in February. Needless to say will not be using them again and be sending emails to all my contacts!

hayley southern

well guess what its happened to me too i got my bank statement today and thought what was all these 9.95 payments i never heard of premclub, i got straight onto my bank they have given me a number to ring for premclub but all it ask u to do it either give ur telelphone number and ur card number well i didnt want to give either out again, i have now got to close that account up and open another i cannot believe that this is still happening i have read many of the others who wo have been effected by this and it dates back to january last year, this is fraud and they are getting away with it, something has got to be done, me my self is gonna contact gmtv and watch dog i will go to the top on this.

Belinda Taylor

This is still happening! I purchased some business cards in Oct last year and have just noticed the £9.95 charge each month on my credit card. I found your article trying to find out what VP Rewards was read the article and then phoned them. The lady on the phone did try to tell me that after my order was placed I had accepted a £10 voucher and at that point had accepted the VP Reward Scheme. I informed her very firmly that I may have but did not know that I was and knew nothing about the scheme and that if I was not refunded I would contat the Office of Fair Trading and my credit card company. At that point she agreed to cancel my subscription and refund all the money. Maybe after all the complaints they are starting to give in now and realise what a big mistake this was.


I also have this problem. am hoping that the back will sort it out. have cancelled the card while on holiday just incase they pass on the info to more sources!! i hope no more funds are taken out. will need to check back account to ensure no further transactions.
It's fraud and they are breaking the law.
everyone with a vista print should cancel their subscription, prevention rather than cure!


Wow... how stupid of me not to see that £9.95 has been taken from my credit card every month since September 2006! (It's now July 2008)
I ordered a stamp from VistaPrint in 2006, don't remember any emails or confirmation that I'd signed up to anything.
I finally called the number on my bill yesterday after I confirmed with my c/c company that the charge was not recognised by them.
Got through to Mark, very helpful, he said he'd try to give me a refund, then looked at my account and found what looks like fraudulent activity - someone else by the name of Nicki has used my VistaPrint account details to claim £10 cashback (I don't know any Nicki's!!). VistaPrint issued the £10 cashback without ever contacting me - the only account holder.

Before Mark could give me any more info about this I was put on hold and suddenly David was on the line - keen not to give me any particulars about my account as 'the whole thing is very confusing and I've never seen anything like this before, it must be a case where accounts have been mixed up'.
Yeah right.
I demanded evidence from VistaPrint of how and when I 'signed up' to VP Rewards, and also details of this Nicki business and how I will be getting a refund - I gave him until Wednesday morning (2 days) to email me back with these details.
I await his email, and in the mean time am sending one to WatchDog with the details.


i have just checked my statement and yes £9.95 is gone to vprewards i have asked to unsubscribe through their email systam and i have asked for the money back i will also be reporting them for fraud, i then emailed my card company and asked for them to be blocked. this is the 2nd time this sort of thing has happened and i certainly wont be trusting any sites from now on.

Anke from Ireland

I am just doing my taxes and found that they have taken of 9.95 stg a month for the last year! I know it is really stupid that I did not notice earlier. When I phoned they said they would only refund 4 months payment. I do not want to let them get away with it, but I don't know how to go about it. I searched the internet, but nobody seems to have a answer. I really want my money back.


i am a victim too,i was checking my statement i saw 8 pounds was debited by,i have no idea what is this


I too have been scammed, just checked my account and saw 9.95 debited by 'vprewards' so googled it and came up on this website. Surely something can be done to stop these daylight robbery cos I don't remember signing up to it?? I'm taking it to OFT...


This has happened to me and I am seriously upset by this as they have taken at least 9months if not more from my account on my debit card is there anything we can do about this.


Like the comment above from Ian dating back to May 2007, I just worked out that the flowers I got my missus from Interflora last Decemberfor her birthday to be delivered to her office was the access these robbing gits needed to pilfer from me!!!

That's £8 a month every month for 9 months!!!

I didn't even notice it on my credit card statement until I didn't use the card at all in August and still had a bill for £8.

Surely this is just out and out theft ...I haven't signed up for anything, I don't want anything and basically a poxy bouquet of flowers has stitched me for seventy odd quid on top of the outrageous cost of them in the first place!!


Yes, me too!!!! 3x£14.95 in the last three months. Some articles mention VistaPrint, some, some even Amazon. I don't remember shopping with nay of them in the last 6 months, yet I got charged by scam.

I've called my cc company and reported the authorised transactions. Awaiting reply.

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