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December 20, 2006



i have just spoke to Vprewards if you get lucky they are friendly and the chap i spoke to quickly dealt with my problem and money is back and long may this continue for the rest of you.


i have just realised i like hundreds of others have been done, for the past 6 months have been paying the £9.95 out of my bank, without agreeing to it! all i did was order a few business cards,i have notified some colleagues from college about this,and to look at their statements too,i am thinking about telling my local paper about it and also contact watchdog,thanks for all the phone nos and addresses some of you have left i will contact v.prewards to cancel, and go to my bank!


I've just discovered all the complaints about Vistaprint, but my experience has been different (I've used them twice).

As far as I can see the only way to get into the VPRewards scheme is to sign up. I followed the links, read the conditions and didn't sign up. If you sign up without reading who is to blame?


I just got scammed the same from a company linked from an purchase I made. £8.00 to


I too have just realised i have been scammed and i did not sign up for anything. I ordered some business cards for my husband from Vista Print and paid £13.54 and then a pop up appeared which said i would receive a £10.00 credit from Vista if i filled in the form. I immediately closed the pop up because i did not have time to fill it in and have been charged £9.95 twice in 6 days.

I have rung Vista Print US and they have said they will refund my money but we'll see. Barclays have cancelled my card and will send out a fraudulent transaction form so hopefully i will get my money back from one or the other.
I will be contacting Watchdog because this disgusting and they should be closed down.

Terry Baines

I to have been scammed but this time it could lead to criminal charges as when we purchased the ink stamp I used my fiances card not mine, they have been taking the £9.95 from that card and she has not had anything to do with Vp rewards or bought anything from them. We are going to the police today.


Same story...through VISTA PRINT this time....I read that interflora are to blame too?

Anyway writting to watchdog, vpreward, clubprem and even to George Bush !
I want my money back

Steve C

Yeah, same here, Ordered some business cards through VistaPrint (the free internet offer). Obviously you don't get anything for far they've cost me £30 in VPREWARDS money. Went un-noticed until tonight, 3 months later. I'm extremely angry about this and will be telephoning my bank and Trading Standards about this on Tuesday (post bank hol)

Does anyone know where their offices are??!!

Bob  E Sussex

I ordered from Vistaprint and have been having the same problems.However after a phone call to 08456722002 They promised to refund my money.The reason that I did not pick this up earlier was that the confirmation e mail went into my spam.I have now received E Mails confirming cancellation.In the mean time I have contacted the police & trading standards who are investigating,but don`t hold your breath .This practice needs to be stopped. Incidentally I also contacted Boots and they had no knowledge of this scheme!!!

Phil Giles

Hi, again same story, I had no idea that they were decuting money as I work away. My partner noticed the repeatative deduction, this was two months ago, we are still trying to obtain details etc as to how and why this happened. The pop up comes up at the end of the order asking if you wish to conduct a survey. She closed it down as she did not have the time and low and behold, deductions from account. I have never been issued a membership id number and cannot get hold of one to cancel my membership. I have sent emails etc. When I telephoned this morning 8.45 I am told all operators are busy and call back when they are open???? How can call operators be busy if they are not open to callers????

I am calling my credit card company and one of the numbers provided my a fellow complainer.

This is disgusting, I hope all our voices and complaints shall be heard and stop other unsuspecting INNOCENT people being scammed.


Yes, it got me too. I have had the 'we are busy please call back later message' and called the automated system to cancel the payment which requires you to put your credit card details in again...suspicious. Lloyds TSB new about it and the person I spoke to had actually called the number for another customer. The bank said they can't do anything unless VPrewards try to take it out again after the initial cancellation. You don't get any confirmation that it has been cancelled apart from a recorded voice giving you a reference number. Am writing to Watchdog now.

Ben Renyolds

I just called and there is a guy by the name Peter Petrelli good chap chatted to him and while it was difficult made me rest at ease. he dealt with it cancelled my debits and pleased to say got me refund. I have since orderd from the site and whilst it is something easy to spot the buggers are right you can close the page not get signed up. If something is being offered free you must always look for the pitfalls as i have learnt and make sure it remains free like my business cards. Wish you all well.

jan williams

I ordered free business cards for my sister, she has a business and was sent the free offer, but has no computer, so i ordered them and was told it was £6.32 postage. so i paid with my debit card. when the bank statement came i noticed they had taken £6.32 plus two other amounts for £6.49 and £7.48, i tried phoning vistaprint but got no answer and emailed them several times but got ignored. Then i noticed an amount of £9.95 under the name of vprewards had come out of my account , I emailed them and threatened to report them to watchdog if they didnt stop taking money from me. when this month again it was taken from my bank account, i phoned my bank lloyds tsb and said they could do nothing about the monthly charge,as i have agreed to it, by visiting the website. I tried to cancel my membership on vprewards website but they said they needed a ID number which i have no knowledge of. But i did manage to get on to the vistaprint website and under faq ,one of the questions was to cancel subscriptions which i did, not sure if it worked yet, we will see next month.


Thank you very much

They have got me as well.

I have diclined to business with vistaprint and you will hear their director fired soon:

They can not offer free cards and charge next month.

I was told by barclays bank that vistaprint owns the

David M

They got me for 6 months, they use every dirty trick in the book.

I never agreed to this, no matter what the small print says its deception because we all gave our cc details specifically to purchase business cards from vistaprint, not to buy a rewards service from affinity limited (uk) who are taking these payments.

AMEX are being good about this but Im inclined to try to and get this stopped for good if any one is up for helping. Iv contacted watchdog and started to locate the directors home addresses. Come on guys, lest not let them get away with it?

David M

1. Call the USA toll free on 0800-028-8251 and get any future payments stopped. You only need your email address as ID. Demand a full refund + costs.

2. Write a letter of complaint to Pulic relations vistaprint usa 95 hayden av lexington masachusets 02421 and ask again for the refund + your costs.

2.Inform you CC provider in writing not to allow any payments to this company, or adaptive affinity as you are never trading with them again. DONT agree to cancel the card, the above is enough - if they continue to pay them its thier problem and you are not required by law to pay your cc bill in full.

3. Contact Adaptive affinity limited, 369-391 burnt oak broadway edgeware ha8 5xz request info for a "subject access request" under UK data protection act, to detremine how they obtained and use your info. Ask for all your data to be removed from thier systems.

4. fill out the wathdog form


I to have been a Victim of this Scam. and I am in the process of rectifying it.

Credit companies should have a list of Dodgy companies


I too have been caught . I am taking action to rectify the problem.

Credit Card companies once aware of dodgy dea, should verify with customers, payments made to companies, of an illeagal nature.

It would be cheaper in the long run to ask customers to verify all
supect payments,than have the
process of making refunds.

Blacklist Scam Companies


My boyfriend has just checked his bank statement and discovered 2x 9.95 pounds have been taken from his account. He too has cancelled his card. I am forwarding this warning to The Mirror, Guardian and BBC to support your campaign.

Ken Young

Thanks to everyone for your responses so far. If you are interested in joining a march to protest at the offices of VPrewards in London please tex or phone the above number and say 'yes I will join the march' I will post march details once I have had ten responses. There are no hidden charges on the mobile number above.
Ken, Editor,

mr davies

I too have been had 2x 9.95 all i wanted was business cards i never even replied to any of there spam e-mails and certainly never signed anything this is truly outrageous fortunately my wife worked for abbey and a customer of hers had the same problem i have now been told i cannot even cancel my card as this is an agreement with vprewards not them i will never buy anything on line again

debbi Rule

I too have be conned out of £69.65 over 7 months, from my debit card, it is listed on our bank statement as vprewards card payment, so I thought it was something my husband was buying. Will be contacting barclays and vista print about fraudulent payments tomorrow.

Sharon Flannagan

In April I realized I had been paying 9.95 per month to VP Rewards I rang the company and both myself & my husband spoke to a forgien lady who was very polite but hard to understand.She explained what we had signed up for, so I requested the account be cancelled & the April payment be reimbursed, she promised it would be cancelled straight away.So far dispite a further email requesting cancellation of said account May's paymant was taken and nothing as yet is back in my account. The next payment is due 23rd. Today I rang my bank who said to obtain a ref number from VP Rewards as they can't do anything without a ref., they also advised I cancel my card.

Jon Ashwell

Evening all,

After 4 months I have now got my money back - there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I was in discussion with a chap called Mark Hamilton ( and following agreement 4 working days ago from vprewards (Rachel), the money is back in my account today.

Why oh why can they get away with this 'illegal' activity? And why is there no-one to support the consumer is these cases?

Jon Ashwell

Will Anderson

A number of people have complained that they have had money taken from Credit Card Accounts without express permission, apparently after using Vistaprint. We have set up a support website on Yahoo to co-ordinate complaints and take action, some people are reporting losses of over 100 pounds before they noticed it. The lesson is of course be careful what you click on! However of greater concern is that the company behind the VPrewards, Andrew Millet's Adaptive affinity limited in the UK,is a data marketing company, potentially selling the users information as well as taking (until noticed) 9.99 Sterling out peoples accounts per month for what seems like very little. We would like more people to join us to use the data protection act to find out who the information is being given to and more worryingly how secure the credit card information is.

(For independent verification of this please type Vistaprint scam into Google or Yahoo)

(C.A.S.T - Consumer Action Strategy Team)

Sent to :

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