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December 20, 2006



Seems as though it is still going on as I have just had two lots of £9.95 (one from VPrewards and one from Club prem) taken from my credit card. HSBC immediately credited the amounts back and I have cancelled my card. If all the banks know about this, why can no one do anything about it? Like most other people, I do not recall signing up to anything, but of course once you have paid for the postage with a card, they have your details. Maybe that old saying "there's no such thing as a free lunch" is worth remembering. Obviously Vista have to cover their printing costs somehow!


It seems that it is still happening. I have only recently discovered for the past 3 months that I have been debited firt time by for £29.90, then the second and third time by for £14.95
I have NOT signed up for any of those companies, nor did I give consent to debit my account! Trying to rattle my brain as to how they could have gotten my account.

Needless to say, I have called up my bank and reported it to them, and they are re-issuing me another card.

I can't believe that this post was made 2 years ago, and they are still at it!

I have never heard of vistaprint or the companies I mentioned above. The only places I ever shop online are or
And when I do shop on those sites, I do not see anything to do with signing up for rewards or business cards??? How in the world did they manage to get a debit????

john dineen

i have been had too> Taking £11.95 per month.
Not happy.

Maya Dunford

Thanks all for your posts, the same has been happening to me £9.90 for the last 4/5 months and i have never bought anything from Vistaprint before. Comes up as on my statement. I am so furious that regulatory bodies have not yet acted on this as from spending 2 seconds on the internet I came to this page and it is obvious they have got so many people.
particularily as I am a student I cannot afford this and more importantly it is theft! i will be following your advice for actions to take so thank you all. I just hope watchdog capture this issue. Please Watchdog!!!!


I have a large blog post with details of all the scamming sites they run:

Joe Lee

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT the scam tracing back 4 years ago are still going on. I have just found out I was charged £11.95 by since October 2008.

I too have report the case to BBC Watchdog and Office of Fair Trading. For those who are affected by this scam, please notify Watchdog and Office of Fair Trading. They need to know how extensive this scam is. A search of "VP Rewards" at Google 4 out of the top 10 are about the scam. Even the auto-suggest search has "vp rewards scam" at the top when you search "VP Rewards".

I am frustrated that nothing has been done. is related to which, I believe, indirectly related to, as I knew about VistaPrint from the brochure in deliveries, and, suspiciously, there are never any marketing materials from other companies.

If you call Office of Fair Trading, you may mentioned that your case is similar to my report. My case number with OFT is LR499699. They need to have a statistics on the amount of scam there are out there.

It is impossible to speak to a person now at VP Rewards phone number, they are all automated. I found out VP Rewards is a trading name of Adaptive Affinity Ltd. at Cavendish House, 369 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 5AW.

I have written to them by recorded mail as advised by OFT and I will update you here when I hear from them.


Ann Danalar

I have recently realised I have been charged £11.95 a month for vprewards and don't know how the got my current card details as it was a year after my order that they started taking money from my account. Not good with computers I cannot find an email address for them.


I'm gutted. We've been scammed for about £500. How come this is still going on? It's never at regular times so my missus thought the entry on the statements was me getting fuel at a garage. Twice the debit card has expired and they've stopped taking for about three months each time only to start again (I presume they've taken their time to guess the new expiry!!!!).
How can Watchdog not have covered this scam? NO respect for that programme any more. This company are so blatant and have been doing it for so long, with so many people reporting the scam to Watchdog. Seriously unimpresssed :(
Gutted :(

p aul

yes i have been had also.
but i spotted it after 1 month aqnd got a number from my cc company in a few min rang the call center and got the payment back.

beware shame thou i liked using vista print up to this point.


I too am a victim I thought the amount going out of my account was connected to my magazine subscription.USUALLY WITH MY REGULAR SUBSCRIPTIONS Iget notification of annual renewal this is when i became aware. I purchased business cards twice but am unaware of signing up to anything else. I have contacted my bank who are awaiting on me to furnish them with more information. the amount taken monthly was 9.95 it is now 11.95. When I telephoned them on 0845 026 1100. they asked for my telephone number when i arranged the business and the card number I used at the time.Ithen got an automated reply saying they did not recognise the details.Iwas then told to try to contact them via email I dont know how long this has gone on for but should have picked it up and been more scrutinised the details more closely. i note from others that this was happening in 2006 it is now 2009 3 years has anything changed and why not anyone else been caught out .what can we do. I have done the obvious things with my bank .Please let as many people as possible know of this scam


i know that i DID not tick any box, i have been paying this for 2years, something needs to be done, please let me know if u get ur money


I have also had the same problem, however I was one of the lucky ones and I contacted my solicitor and they got me a full refund from my credit card company. Dont bother with vista, go claim from your credit card company if you paid by credit card you are covered by section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. If you need help mail back with your details and I will forward you details of my solicitor, who didnt even charge me!!


Thankyou so much for this link, I was recommended Vista Print by a T-shirt printing company, fortunately due to the above, I've been saved from yet another Scam.


I have just been scammed by and

I used to buy theater tickets in April, at the end of April I noticed a recurring visa transaction for £14.95 debited from my account. I called the number on my statement and it's just an automated service, no one answers. I do not know any account details because I never received any, so I cannot cancel the service via email or on the phone. I spoke to my bank Nationwide about it and they say they cannot help. The only way to stop it is to close my bank account.

andrew aitchison

does this scam apply to customers using paypal?


if ye are looking for buissness cards etc new company just launched TWEAK.COM

terence john banks

I would like to know how these thieving
B.....ds get away with these obnoxious scams,Surely its on a par with being mugged in the street.get em all in prison.

2012 Moncler Gilet

Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one


This scam is still going on, although I think the OFT instructed Adaptive Affinity (the company that owns VP Rewards and other 'reward' companies who do the same thing) to change their processes in the way they acquire customers in 2009. I found out they had taken over £400 out of my account over the course of 3 years. Upon requesting either a) explicit proof that I signed up to their service OR b) a full refund if the proof was not available, they wrote back to me and offered a partial refund and no proof. This is their way of shutting people up, so they can continue to rip people off and take their money because most people won't take the matter further once they have got some money back. They made almost £200 out of me, and I can imagine there are hundreds of thousands of people they have done the same thing to. I am very annoyed and have made it my priority to post details of this scam on as many consumer websites as possible. After going to the consumer advice line and eventually being put in touch with Trading standards, they say there is a loop hole and what they are doing is not illegal. They also said that a judge would probably not be on my side because I should have realised the money was being taken from my account sooner. Humph...

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