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December 20, 2006



Thanx for this post. I wrote about them as well. It would be great if you could make a test-order with them to confirm if it's true or not.

Check my post here:


oh god.

i am one of those victims, they still charging me 9.95 since 2 months ago ... i phoned bank of scotland but they just sent me paper as a declaration that my complints was true .. they did nothing ... please could advise me and others to resolve this issue .. do i need to cancel my debit card ? what do you think ?

exuse my English ...




we are a small company that have been caught, our Bank Barclays seem to already be aware of this scam, but can't stop the payments off a debit card for at least a month. So any payments taken during that time are lost and it seems they can take what they want. The only way to put an immediate stop on it is to report the card lost or stolen. How much money are this firm scamming from the larger firms that may not pick this up for months. Needless to say our card has been lost.


They've got me too. Just looked back at statements, and I've lost £59.70 to them since August 2006. I do not recall signing up to this, nor to agreeing to a standing order. I just cancelled membership whilst on the telephone to their very rude customer 'care' advisor. I'm also writing a letter, not that it will do much good. They should certainly be reported for misleading advertising with intent to deceive.

anne wrightson

I too have had £9.95 debited from my account....unsoliciterd since last march !!!

Funke Ojutalayo

Thank you for highlighting this matter. The scary thing is, I initially bought fridge magnets from Vistaprint in May last year and have only just noticed the 9.95 vprewards charge on my credit card. That will teach me to check my statement properly every month.

simon white

I'm a victim too to the tune of £50. I phone VPrewards number 08456722002 wspoke to a very british sounding Racheal Manor. I thought I was fairly polite in voicing my protest, she suggested she had the authority to refund money to my account but would not do so because she did "not like the tone of my voice". I phone my HSBC gold card company to alert them and ask for asistance. They were of some but limited help. I then phone vistaprint on 08000288251 I spoke to a guy with a US accent in their call centre based in Jamaca. He suggested he would ensure the entire amount would be refunded to my credit card. The british lady sounded increadibly niave, I can see her ending up with a criminal record. I find it hard to believe that major UK bank do business with almost any Tom, Dick and Harry

Cathy Whitehouse

My husband and I have used vistaprint for business cards and invitations. The service and prices were great untill my husband noticed he had paid £9.95 twice to We typed this email address into google to find hundreds of complaints and with that he cancelled his cards. I think this company is making more money than the cost of afew business cards. I have since cancelled my cards so they dont catch me! I would advise anyone pay alittle extra and go to a high street printers.

David Drewette


they got me too. I racked my brains trying to think how they got this money off me. Did I tick a box somewhere on my last order?

Either way it's a total SCAM. No more orders will be placed through Vistaprint from my company!

Thinking of contacting the Small Claims Court.


Same story ,same response , I feel completely ripped off , still trying to contact other than via email or phone so I can invoice them for my wasted time and effort ( as you know electricians do not come cheap !!)Anyone know how ?


I have been caught by Vistaprint as well. I ordered some free business cards (which cost £6.11 - there is no such thing as a free lunch!!). I then noticed an e-mail two weeks later stateing that £9.95 will be charged every month to my account (I dont recall signing any such agreement with them)at VP Rewards . There was an option to unsubscribe to this scheme and after some time I managed to do so by e-mail. Whether this has stopped them from deducting £9.95 from my credit card every month remains to be seen. Going by what other people have experienced I may have to cancel my credit card and take legal action in the local county courts to try and recover my money.

Denise Hall

Yes, i've been got too. I've made three payments and after contacting them twice by phone I have just had an email saying that my membership is cancelled. Was told on phone that I would get a refund but watch this space!!!
The more complaints Watchdog receive the more likely they are to cover this scam so contact them at [email protected] or write to them at BBC Watchdog 201 Wood Lane, London, W12 7TS. or phone them on 020 8535 1000.


VistaPrint sucks.

I tried to use their Free Website and inputted my CC number.
Now I called 5 times to cancel it but they put me on holds for hours and finally told me that they can not cancel it. I have to wait their tech support call back.

Really Annoyed


Please, please, please report this to [email protected].

I've just realised that £70.00 has been taken from my credit card account and I have to say that I'm FURIOUS. Credit card company not that helpful either! I have never completed a survey or agreed to this stupid subscription. I've phoned, emailed and faxed but have nothing back. Two other people I work with (small department) have also been had!


this bunch of theiving tossers have been doing the same to me for at least 12 months. Not impressed


I have been had too!!! As I Paid by Debit Card for my Vistaprint order, I have no protection and therefore no chance of a refund from Lloyds even if I could prove it a fraudulent transaction.
My only hope is that Vista Print action the refund from this bunch of thieves that they have promised.
I called the Jamaica Call Centre on 08000288251 and have been told that I can expect an email from Vista print confirming my cancellation and then another from advising me of my refund details (amount, date etc), not that I believe for a moment that I will actually ever hear from them!!!
But I live in hope as £60 is much more than I can afford to lose.

zoe williams

i too have just noticed iv been scammed i took up an offer of a personalised calender with my own photos etc and have now been charged with no notification i will be e-mailing watchdog and also phoning my card company and anywhere else i can to get this stopped thieving gits !!!!!!!!!


Last year I ordered cards for our property in Bulgaria and miraculously became a member of this site, but thought I must have clicked somewhere by mistake, until I also recently ordered business cards for my Husband who has suddenly become an unaware member of this site too at the cost £9.95 per month.

How is this possible.

The strange thing is the same thing happened to me when I ordered flowers from Interflor, clicked on a link this time, but interflora took it upon themselves to allow this company access to my credit card details and I was told I had joined a site at £10.00 per month.

My first question is why these sites are allowed to claim they are a secure site, when they blatantly give out your details without permission. Secondly, I was under the impression that your bank would require proof that you had given permission to a company to take money from your account.

Thanks for allowing me to rant and would be more than happy to testify to all of the above.


I have just experienced the same thing with what I think must be interflora. I was just checking my bank balance online and noticed a charge for £8.00 to, who i had never heard of, so i called my bank and said it was a fraudulent charge as i have no knowledge of it, they have cancelled my card and are sending out a new one and some forms to fill in.

It is only now having done a few searches that I have traced it back to buying flowers for mothers day from interflora, about 1 month ago. There was nothing that i recall 'signing' up to on their site.

So my claim is still going through as fraud on my account, as this is no different to someone in the street getting hold of your details and using them to buy things, it is basicly theft as far as I can see.

From now on I will be very wary of buying things on line.


I have just seen the £9.95 charge on my credit card for the last three months and could not believe it. Morganstanley gave me a 0800 number to call within 5 seconds of complaining so they are fully aware of this scam. They did state that the money would be reclaimed by them back into my account. Maybe we should bombard their Vistaprint business mail accounts with 1000’s of large e-mails each, every day for a few weeks. This might just make them realize that revenge can be a nice feeling………


Gutted. Found out Ive been scammed, but by two affifiates at the same time : VP and who both have been taking £9.95 from my account each month. Just emailing Watchdog now...

Tracey Edwards

I seem to be on the recieving end of this scam too..I started a small business 3 months ago and vistaprint seemed reasonably priced and the freebies were great, oh but haven't I paid for them since! Lloyds have been great helping me cancel and sort out the mess, let's see if we get any cash back

Janet Jones


Please please contact watchdog.


Hi - I too have been signed up to this without realising. I spoke to a person on 08456722002 who is apparently going to reimburse the money. I remember the website offering a £10 credit if I filled out an online questionaire, but as soon as there was any metion to signing up to a scheme I quit out. I am IT literate and have consulted on multi-million pound websites in my working life, so it's very hard to pull the wool over my eyes. It is clear to me that the marketing is ambiguous on purpose for this scheme, and I have made a complaint on the number above. They also claimed an email was sent to me confirming I'd signed up to the scheme, which was not true. They even did the classic "quoting a wrong email address" trick to try and make out it was a typo that I didn't receive the email: i.e. they had tried to email me. As it happens the "wrong" email address they quoted would have got through to me anyway, so this was definately a lie. I just don't see why if it's such a great rewards sceme they can't make it clear what you are signing up to - in my opinion a clear decision has been made here to favour confusion over clarity.

The real shame is I thought the business card service was good enough on its own to generate business without having to resort to this.


Sadly this is still happening as my partner has just found out. She contacted barclaycard a month ago as soon as she realised and they still made the payments. She has been unable to contact any source at Vistaprint. She too has had to cancel her card to avoid any further scam. This cannot be allowed to continue and surely should be criminally investigated. Or better still covered by watchdog.

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