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December 11, 2006


kirsty stevens

i too have seen a bill on bank statement, the problem is i have never heard of them untill now and because of them my cheque bounced and now i have to pay them 30- pounds which to be very honest i do not have

Karen Downs

I have just been charged £9.95 from vistaprint, it has come up on my bank statement as, I had no idea what this was until I searched on the web site and have seen loads of Forums where people have been scammed by them! I have phoned my bank and have to have a replacement card sent out and I have reported it to the fraud deparment through my bank.

Liz Maskell

I have just spoken to Barclays about this payment, I ordered some business cards for my husbands company at the beginning of the year on my personnal account card, and have now realised that this £9.95 is coming out of my account. Barclays have cancelled the monthly payment and are now going ensure that even if they reapply for the payment it will be refused, thta means for 9 month I have been paying out £9.95, god what a scam!!!!! Where do I go from here??????????????


I ordered from VistaPrint in November and on Dec 11, there was a $14.95 charge from VPRewards. It was a good thing that my husband was closely monitoring our credit card charges. We called the credit card company today and was advised to call the number on the charge ((888)243-6185 in the U.S.) for a refund and we should call them back if it was not refunded. I called the number and was able to talk to a representative (her name is Renee, id number 22513) and asked for a refund and to cancel any membership. So now we wait and see if we get a refund and there should be no more charges from now on. But at least we alerted the credit card company hoping to block any charges from this crooked company.

victor young

i am also haveing 9.95 going out of my account for some time now and can nt stop it i ve tryed to stop it but still it goes out each month by card payment what can i do thank you very much if you can help vic

Nigel H

Same problem as above but they double billed me with a bill for£9.95 on a company called

Natalie Flach

i was horrified to find out I have been charged for several months.I have just found this web site and wonder what I should do next?

Bala Raghupathy

I had the £9.95 charged on my account last month and I filed a dispute form through my credit card company. Even before that could be resolved and payment stopped, I am seeing myself being ripped off by another £9.95 this month

Please advice whom to contact and stop this



I have also been scammed by Vistaprint, they have been taking 9.95 from my account each month under I contacted my bank who told me they can't cancel it as I agreed to this somewhere. The only option is to change my bank account completely which is such a hassle!!

ms adair

just been scammed with vista print have had to change all bank details and cards, its not right over £39 taken without my consent

Michelle P

I have just noticed that and have both taken £9.95 from my bank account. Barclays are sending me a fraud ivestigation form, however cannot guarantee that no more charges will be taken even though i have put a stop on my card. i called the company to ask for a refund and said that i never requested this service. She said that i must have clicked on a pop up that comes at the end of placing an order with vistaprint without knowing and that i would be given a full refud. I watch this space as the posts above dont make me hold out much hope!

dawn pettitt

i too have been scammed by vistaprint and had debits made on my account with ids of clubprem and vprewards and have been charged 9.95 a month. if you go to vistaprint website and click on help there is a section on vprewards and there is info re how do i cancel my membership and for people in the uk there is this tel number to call to cancel this membership and thus no more 9.95 going out of my account with no need to cancel my bank or cards. the number is 0845 6722002 and your membership may well be listed under the business address the cards you ordered rather than your personal address so check all the info. hope this helps every one else who has fallen victim to this and you too can get this stopped.

Jay Cresswell

I too have had months of problems with this company... I paid for business cards online using my bank debit card. for the last 4 months they have taken 9.95 from my account... when Threatend leagle action through my bank they refunded me one payment of 9.95.... also sent me an e-mail saying my account was closed and no more money would be taken.... however I log on this morning to check my bank details.... and what do you know.... another 9.95 has gone out!!!!!! What a bunch of Rip off merchants!

Michelle D

Well I too have had money deducted from my account, £9.95 for vp rewards and £9.995 for clubprem.

I received an email from "Melinda" to say that I must have subscribed blah blah she will refund me the money, this was on the 18/01/2007 and yet on the 22/01/2007 a further £9.95 was deducted.

Now going to contact Barclays and cancel my card.

I would be willing to pass on details to watchdog if it helps.

Michelle D

sorry meant to read £9.95 for club prem, would have been majorly p**ed off if it was £9.995 lol

Mustafa Arif

Heh! I had no problems when I ordered my business cards from Vistaprint. Then again I did spot the sneaky box where they said they were subscribing me to their VP Rewards thing and unchecked it. (I think it actually came up a second time asking me if I was sure - very cheeky!)

Bob Smith

On checking my Visa statement online I discovered two deductions of £9.95, one for VPREWARDS.COM and the other for CLUBPREM.COM.

I called my bank to dispute the charges and cancelled my credit card to stop further problems.
Now I have all the hassle of a new credit card and informing all my standing orders of a new number ans so on. I'll put it down to experience.

Mike Tribe

On checking my Mastercard statement online I discovered two deductions of £9.95, one for VPREWARDS.COM and the other for CLUBPREM.COM. I phoned my bank and they said as I had told the 2 organisations above I wanted to quit they could stop any more transactions. They said I couldn't get my money back but today (2 weeks later) I was miraculously credited in full. I had told my local trading standards office who informed me they had probably broken the Data Protection Act by automatically passing on credit card details to different companies (in different countries). They said it was a matter for the Information Commissioner. It may be worth phoning your credit card company again to see if they now have a different view of the matter.

Christopher Fitzgerald

Not only VP rewards, but also Therefore I have nearly £20 going out of my account monthly. All unauthorised and only because I purchased some business cards from Vistaprint. A very very expensive set of cards as it would have been cheaper to purchase from a local company than to loose £40 and the price of the cards!

D Perry

I have just found out today that I have been caught for 7 months of £9.95s being stolen from my credit card. HSBC told me that they will not report it as a scam because the company told me on the phone (Janet from Massachusetts) that they will refund the full amount within 2 months. We'll see if that happens! HSBC said that they will arrange for a refund if I don't get it from the company, which is nice to know but I think that they should do something to stop it happening to others. With hindsight, I would not have told HSBC that I was promised a refund by Vistaprint then they would have treated it as a scam. I will post something to say what happens in case it helps anybody.

D Perry

Further to the post above, I forgot to say that HSBC are cancelling my credit card to stop the payments going through in future.

catherine smith

I have just been charged 9.95 from debit card to vp can anyone tell me who to get in touch with about this

Lisa Foster

I've had a similar experience with clubprem via vistaprint. I had a 30 day free trial from 19th December 2006 but was unable to get into their site as I did not have a member ID or password. I e-mailed them to request one and just got an automated response but no member ID. I e-mailed them again on 15th January 2007 (within the free trial period) asking them to cancel my membership but they still took a payment of £9.95 on 23rd January 2007. I have managed to speak to them today on 08456 722002 (you get an automated message which cuts you off, press 0 during the message and you get put through to someone) and my account should now be cancelled. I'll wait and see what happens and if they do refund my £9.95!

Richard Birtley

Absolutely disgusted with this! i'm pulling my hair out - i DID NOT sign up for any vprewards or clupbprem which is now also on my account - i have emailed bot for a user id (which i do not have for logging in because it was never sent to me) got one from vprewards two weeks ago, managed to log in and cancel the subscription but to my amazement the payment STILL vame out of my account today!!!

im totally pissed off about this - i feel like ive been robbed.

think only solution is to phone the bank and have my card cancelled


Just recieved my Credit Card bill illustrating a transaction of £9.95 to VPREWARDS.COM. No idea what it was about - so entered in google and got this site up.
Luckily I have a dedicated Credit Card for internet transactions and picked it up straight away. Had it been my bank account card they would have probably got away with it for longer!
I will persuing the matter, if I can be of any help to anyone else then get in touch.

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