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November 27, 2006


Dale Vile

Yeah - I deserve whatever I get :-)

The background is that I spent about 4 years being given review phones and wireless PDAs by vendors, most of which I didn't find particularly useful. They would all proudly tell me about how great the screen resolution was, the media player, the camera and so on. I would then use them for two weeks as my primary device, generally find they were not actually that great for business use, toss thim in the bottom drawer with the others and go back to the BlackBerry.

After a while, I just refused to take new devices and actually stopped expressing opinions on them (well mostly).

Regarding RIM, I was not impressed by the 7100 at all (it wasn't small/light enough to make the keyboard compromise justified), and knew from research that it hadn't gained that much traction in the business sector, so my first reaction to the Pearl's spec was that it looked like a cross between a 7100 and one of the myriad of Windows mobile smartphones that are ladened consumer trivia and not very good for serious business use (compared to a BB at least).

Hence my line in the first piece that it looked like RIM was selling out and letting me down as a loyal user.

The second piece was prompted literally by my company switching mobile networks and having to choose new devices for the analyst team. We had settled on 8700's, then I was demo'd the Pearl and was impressed enough to buy one.

So, no pressure from anyone, it wasn't even a review device - the Pearl I am using now is fully paid for work tool that was selected because it seemed to be the right tool for the job.

At no time in this whole process have I had any contact with RIM.

As an analyst, whatever I think of the Pearl, my opinion of RIM being confused about whether it is a software infrastructure company or a device company hasn't change. Neither has my view that this means RIM will a) continue to find it hard to scale and b) be vulnerable to Microsoft going forwards.

So, apologies for the bum opinion to begin with (lesson learned) but don't expect any punches to be pulled from a serious industry analysis perspective in the future - I will continue to say what I think :-)

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